Community Forest Rights-Learning & Advocacy (CFR-LA) process is national level effort for exchange of information and learning and for evidence-based advocacy on Community Forest Rights (CFR) provisions of the Forest Rights Act. The process includes organizations and individuals working at the local, regional, national and international level on understanding and facilitating CFRs.

CAMPA Bill   
A Black Day - Rajya Sabha Passes Afforestation Bill
Subject Corrected: AIFFM Statement on the CAMPA Bill Passed in Rajya Sabha Today
Tribal Development and CAMPA Bill, Letter to PM by Tribal Organisations
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CAMPA will drive out tribals,will benefit the mining lobby :Former union Minister K.C Deo said
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CAMPA will Kill Our Forests, It's your Call to Save it Now!
Activists worry CAMPA Bill will dilute tribal rights in forests
CAMPA Bill does not empower forest dwellers, tribals: Jairam
Civil society "disturbed" over Congress compromise with BJP on contentious CAMPA Bill, "approach" Rahul Gandhi
Congress offers conditional support for compensatory afforestation fund bill
Highlights of CAMPA Bill discussion in Rajya Sabha today
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