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Demarcation of FRA Land and the Correction of RoRs Under the Forest Rights Act,2006
ORISSA Correction of RoR 23/Aug/2018
Demarcation and correction of RoRs in respect of the Titles distributed under ST & OTFDs
ORISSA Record of Rights 02/Jul/2018
Demarcation of Forest Land distributed under Forest Rights Act, 2006
ORISSA Forest Village 16/May/2018
FAQ Parameters of Twenty-three MFPs Under MSP
ORISSA MFPs under MSP 07/May/2018
Letter issued by Special Secretary F & Env Department regarding CFR Recognition issue
ORISSA CFR Recognition 28/Nov/2017
Letter from STSC Department for Submission of Information on Women Right Holders under FRA
ORISSA Women and FRA 05/Aug/2017
Letter from STSC Department to review of Rejected Claims and Disposal of Pending Claims under FRA
ORISSA Rejected Claims 04/Aug/2017
Letter from Commissioner cum Secretary regarding KL issue
ORISSA Kendu Leaf 22/Jul/2017
Proceedings regarding proposal of PVTGs
ORISSA PVTGs 05/Jun/2017
Correction of RoR and Maps for forest land in revenue villages
ORISSA RoR & Maps 10/Apr/2017
No Relocation from Tiger Reserve
CHHATTISGARH Protected Area 06/Apr/2017
Letter to all collector regarding to recognition of Habitat Rights of PVTGs and disposal of pending claims
ORISSA Convergence 06/Feb/2017
Conversion of All Forest Villages, Un-Surveyed Villages and Old Habitations Into Revenue Villages Under FRA
ORISSA Forest Village 02/Feb/2017
Letter to all Principal Secretaries related to coverage of FRA beneficiaries through convergence program
ORISSA Convergence 27/Jan/2017
Letter to all Collectors regarding Percentage Coverage of beneficiaries through convergence programme under FRA
ORISSA Convergence 13/Jan/2017